Katana Slot Review

Katana is a stylish online slot game designed by Novomatic. The game features a  katana-1feudal Japan theme full of mystical characters and symbols that will immerse the player in the mythology of the land of the rising sun.

The slot features 5 reels with 20 paylines and the main theme of the game is Katana, the ancient and mystical sword of the Japanese Samurai warriors.

All the higher tier symbols on the Katana Slot are themed in medieval Japan style from your Shoguns, Geishas and Katana to feudal Japanese structures and temples. The lower end symbols are your usual 10, J, Q and K written out in a font which also leaves a Japanese vibe.

How To Play

The game panel features a classic 5 reel, 20 paylines setup which allows for many different pay options. The game includes a wild symbol which in this case is the Shogun symbol, which replaces all other symbols except for Katana. The Katana symbol is a scatter symbol and two or more Katana symbols anywhere on the board will pay a cash bonus.


The game is fairly high variance and you can go for quite a few spins without winning money. The combinations of symbols pay significant amounts compared to the initial bets and collecting multiple Shogun symbols on an active payline will pay exceptionally good.

Special Features

There are two main ways of winning money in Katana online slot. The two ways are the wild Shogun symbols and the Katana scatter symbols.

Wild Symbols (Shogun): Collecting five wild Shogun symbols anywhere on an active payline pays 5000 coins, for the biggest payout in the game.

Free Spins (Katana): Katana is the main theme of this slot, and the Katana symbol is a scatter symbol in this one. Collecting just two Katana symbols anywhere on the board and collecting three will start the Free Spins Feature.

The 10 Free Spins awarded will spin for free and the Shogun symbols in the Free Spins expand to the whole reel, greatly increasing your chances of winning and allowing for some amazing wins.

Gamble Feature: The optional gamble feature allows you to gamble your wins in a simple red or black system, featuring cards with a Japanese vibe.

Maximum Payouts

The most you will be able to bet per line on the Katana slot is $5. This means in total, you can bet the maximum of $100 per spin. Five Shogun symbols on an active payline pay 1.000 coins, so you could potentially win $5.000 per line if you are playing the maximum spin of $5 per line.

The Jackpot in this game is hitting the 5 Katana symbols on the board which pays 4.000 coins. This means hitting 4 Katana symbols on the maximum $5 spin will net you $20.000 at once, as rare as it is.

Other big wins include 800 coins and 600 coins for 5 of the second and third tier symbols which also have Japanese feudal themes.

Final Verdict

Katana Slot is an interesting and engaging slot game that will keep you entertained and on the edge as you chase the Free Spins bonus and cash in on the other big wins. While a few spins may go by without you winning anything, the wins will generally be pretty big and exciting when you hit them.

The game represents somewhat of a challenge on the bankroll and the nerves but hitting the Free Spins will be extremely well worth your time and money as the potential payouts in there 10 magic spins are huge.